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In this episode of Stolen Goodbyes, Karen talks to Sally Gardiner, who tragically lost her husband to COVID-19 just four months after their wedding. Trevor was 59. She bravely relates the awful struggle the newly weds had battling this deadly virus.

0:40 – How did Sally and Trevor meet?
1:40 – Sally describes their whirlwind romance and fairy tale wedding
3:08 – Sally describes how she loves everything about Trevor and how she misses him
4:14 – Sally reflects on some nicknames they had for each other
5:11 – Sally tells us about her honeymoon in Venice
5:51 – Sally recalls the marriage proposal
7:07 – Sally begins to describe how they both fell ill with COVID-19 and goes into heart breaking detail about Trevor’s time in hospital right up to his death
23:41 – Sally says she felt awful that she couldn’t be there with him because they were never apart and how she struggles to come to terms with his passing
28:13 – Sally tells us she’s kept awake at night by his absence
30:05 – Karen asks what emotions Sally is left with?
30:56 – Sally wants people to understand that this is real
31:55 – Sally bravely explains what she has planned for her first wedding anniversary

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