Created, produced and hosted by Karen Rice  

Music compiled by composer and musician Stephen Rice

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Stolen Goodbyes with Karen Rice:
Every week someone new opens up to share what it is like to lose a loved one to Covid 19 without warning or goodbye.


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Created, produced and hosted by Karen Rice  

Music compiled by composer and musician Stephen Rice

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Fox Darwin
Heartfelt Interview!
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A testament to love, grief and our humanity. An important compilation of interviews at an extraordinary time in history.
Compelling and very moving!
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A very delicate subject, handied with great sensitivity. Charlie's wife speaks with such dignity of the love for her husband and the immense loss she and their ten-years-old daughter feel. She manages to keep it together while decribling the horrific ordeal of losing a loved one in such a cruel and unjust manner. The image that stays with me is one of her daughter now going to bed in her daddy's T-Shirt. A compelling and very moving interview!
Shelly Weeks
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The sad reality of Covid - 19 by real people who have been affected beyond repair, cried though the whole thing 💛😓 For all the non belivers, please listen to the people who's lives have changed forever x
Amazing & Heartfelt stories
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I found this podcast extremely moving & send my prays, and love to everyone involved - extremely courageous of Karen and the families that have suffered the loss of their family members during COVID -19
Laura Grimshaw
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It’s an incredibly important and very, very beautifully produced podcast that allows families who have lost loved ones to Covid 19 to share their stories.
Greg Cochrane
Very Important Topic
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A really important podcast and one that I think will have true legacy.
British Podcast Awards
Heart touching production
The judges said that it was a touching and heartfelt production that gave a voice to the statistics of lives lost you often see listed in news headlines.

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