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In this episode of Stolen Goodbyes, Karen speaks with Michelle Rumble who lost her mother Violet to COVID-19. Michelle speaks about some of the shocking care her mother received after being taken to hospital in this heart breaking episode of Stolen Goodbyes. Violet was 78 when she died.

0:00 – Intro
0:44 – Michelle recounts how selfless her mother was and how they enjoyed many seaside trips together
3:01 – Michelle gives background to what her mother worked as
4:31 – The mother of four’s ultimate fear was dying
5:24 – Michelle describes how her teetotal, non smoker mother fell ill
7:53 – The doctors told her she’s comfortable and there would be no more news until tomorrow afternoon but she died alone at 5am
8:39 – There are hardly any medical notes on her mother who she believes was left unchecked for long periods of time
9:33 – Michelle’s sister was told she has a couple of hours left, only to be told minutes later she was dead
13:50 – Michelle wants justice for her mother
14:50 – The hospital put a DNR in place for her mother without anyone knowing
17:13 – Michelle talks about the funeral and the aftermath of her mother’s passing
18:35 – The hospital didn’t remember where her mother was at one point as Michelle speaks about her dealings with the hospital
22:38 – Knowing her mum died on her own keeps Michelle awake at night
26:01 – The government hasn’t handled the pandemic
27:03 – No one understands the pain of losing someone in this way
28:28 – More things should have been put in place to stop this

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